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What Mistakes Do New Writers Often Make In Their Writing?

Writing with exceptional skill is an art which is limited to only a handful of people. To some, it comes so naturally that the words just seem to flow, almost becoming an extension of their soul. The process is so effortless, and the result is so brilliant that readers keep wanting for more. However, this is a talent which few are blessed with. But with careful consideration, patience and trial and error, some other individuals can also become quite the pros themselves when it comes to writing a brilliant piece.

This, however, is not to say that mistakes are not made during the process. The reality of their situation is quite the opposite. In their pursuit to become brilliant writers, a lot of mistakes are made which inevitably allow them to learn a lot about their capabilities, as well as allow them to hone and polish their skills that would lead them to become good writers. After all, it’s the storms that make trees take deeper roots.

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1. Over-analysing

When a new writer is venturing onto this new, unknown territory, there is always that underlying fear within him about every little thing. The ‘what if’ questions incessantly plague him, giving him not a single moment of relief. This over analysis about everything, from their emotions to work itself, causes them to remain unable to compartmentalise and prioritise stuff, which eventually begins to reflect negatively on their work.

2. Falling prey to the clichés

A fatal mistake for any writer, whether new or experienced, is when they fall prey to done-to-death clichés and narratives. Their thought process is that it will help to make them relatable for the audiences, but the eventual outcome becomes so underwhelming and monotonous that they fail to captivate the attention of the reader. Therefore, writers must always try to carve their niche, taking inspiration only as long as it feeds their creative process, insight and energy.

3. Falling victim to the over-achiever attitude

The excitement and anticipation of this endeavour can also cause certain individuals to develop what is known as the over-achiever attitude. They begin to feel so sure of themselves and their capabilities that they fail to realise the areas where they still need to work harder. All of those things go unnoticed so that eventually the draft that they are left with doesn’t live up to the standards and reeks of the over-confidence that they had felt.

4. Failing to be relatable for the readers

The true mark of a successful writer is that his or her readers feel as if they are one with the writer; they are able to feel and resonate with his experiences because they are so close in resemblance to their own. This is when the writer is able to make his work relatable. However, if this effect is not achieved, through careless representation and usage of elements, then the writer fails to achieve one of its central missions.

5. Not refining the content enough

Producing a content body is simply not enough when someone wishes to be known as a brilliant writer. Efforts have to be exerted on all fronts to ensure that this status is gained. So, if a writer who has written well but has failed to refine his content by repeatedly reading and honing it, then chances are that he will fail to make an impression on the reader which he had intended to make.

All these are some of the reasons that can contribute negatively to the work of a writer. So, if someone wishes to become a great writer, they should make sure to avoid the mistakes mentioned above in the article.

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