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What Are the Different Types of Essays and Why Use Them

From a very early stage of their educational life, students are initiated into the art of essay writing by their course instructors. It’s not something that’s only taught at the higher levels of study, but rather, this is something which a lot of middle school curriculums also include. Then, from years of practice and trial and error, by the time students reach their higher levels of study, they can do a brilliant job at producing many different types of essays.

In principle, there are about four main kinds of essays that students have to deal with, all having a unique role assigned to them as well as how they have to be completed. Additionally, with the help of essay writers UK and from doing some research on their own, students can further hone their skills in this area, which then allows them to experience success in a lot of their future professional endeavours as well.

For the benefit of students, here we will discuss the main types of essays and the scenarios in which they are best used.

  • Narrative Essays

As the term narrative suggests, this type of essay basically deals with some kind of storytelling. It’s a kind of narration about a certain event or real-life experience. With such an essay, the writer should aim to engage the attention of the reader by including vivid and tactile details, through which the reader may be able to ‘live’ the experience for themselves as well. These types of essays are usually written in the first person and also makes a personal statement which the reader is able to gage when all the elements are rightly worked on.

  • Descriptive Essays

Most students tend to enjoy writing these types of essays. A descriptive essay basically paints and gives a detailed description of words. Students may be asked to describe anything at all, whether a person, event, setting, object, or even a significant memory. But the essence of this essay lies beyond the descriptions itself. It’s not the descriptions that play the crucial role, but rather the feelings that are evoked through the correct use of vivid and sensory details. Its purpose is not to tell but to ‘show’ the reader to appeal to their emotions.

  • Expository Essays

These kinds of essays are some of the easiest to write because, in principle, they mostly deal with facts. This kind of essay is usually informative in nature and presents a balanced approach to a topic after careful analysis and consideration of vital information. The topic in question is discussed and defined by taking into account factors like statistics, facts, research, and other examples. Within the category of this essay falls that of compare-and-contrast essay, the cause and effect essay, and the “how to” or process essay. These remain purely factual, and there is no involvement of emotions or feelings.

  • Persuasive Essays

With this kind of an essay the writer usually presents facts about a topic in the hope that they will be able to convince the reader of their side of the argument, point of view or even recommendation. Expert opinions, facts, logic, and sound reasoning are carefully used by the writer to build a case. However, only one side should not be considered. Instead, a topic should be analysed from all angles to ensure that an unbiased account is given to the reader to judge for themselves. Additionally, they should be able to communicate as clearly as possible, taking the right approach to achieve the effect that had been intended to begin with.