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Thesis Statement Writing: How to Do It Right?

Did you just learn about thesis statement and feel like it is a uniquely complicated trick to achieve? Don’t sweat, we are here to help you get the hang of the thesis statement and how to get it right.

The thesis statement is the central idea that will define your paper. It’s the statement that states the purpose of your paper and explains the question that you intend to discover through your paper. It shows your position in the paper.

  • Length: A thesis statement is usually one or two sentences, but as these sentences are loaded with an incomprehensible, it needs to be the right balance of heavy and light.
  • Placement: The thesis statement that you write is important, but so is the placement of the thesis statement. Avoid burying a very well written statement summary of all the information that will be presented in the paper, thesis statement will inevitably be long and overflowing with information. So if your thesis statement is light and easy to manage, then it is not doing the trick right. That being said, it also can’t be so heavy that it overflows with heavy words and is in the middle of the paragraph with no heads up that thesis statement is coming. Build up to your thesis statement by starting your sentence with lines like ‘In this paper…’ so on and so forth.
  • Specificity: Specificity of the thesis statement is a very important matter. There is a fine line, your thesis statement can’t be so broad that it makes the entire world fall in the premise of your statement and makes your paper an encyclopaedia on human existence; nor can it be so specific that there isn’t much space to explore the topic. Let us explain; ‘Everyone loves chocolate’ is too general a statement and cannot be proven right or wrong with one paper. But the line ‘all chocolate lovers love ice cream’ is very specific and hard to prove as ice cream is loved by most and comes in unbound flavours. But statement ‘Ice cream lovers usually love chocolate ice cream’ is specific enough to be made a thesis statement.
  • Clarity: Avoid jargon at all costs. Unless your paper is scientific in nature, avoid using jargon. Even in psychology, social science and all other humanities field, be open and focus on communicating your idea through your words. It’s supposed to connect with readers, not alienate them with heavy handed jargon.
  • Original thesis: The difference between a plain thesis statement and an authentic thesis statement is that an authentic statement has opinion and will give the reader an insight on the opinion of the writer in this regards.

Writing a thesis statement is a challenge for students because they find it hard to streamline their thoughts. But it’s a very important trick and we need to find ways to get the right balance. We are British Essay Writing, the best essay writing team in UK. Come see us soon!