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How To Excel At Writing An Awesome PhD Dissertation Proposal

As someone enrolling in a PhD course, you will most likely be asked to write up a proposal of the research that you will undertake during your doctoral programme. In simple words, a dissertation proposal is a document detailing the outline of the research you propose to carry out during your tenure. This is then assessed by the enrolment supervisor to determine the quality, originality and feasibility of your proposed research, and also to analyse your critical thinking skills and your knowledge of the existing literature that proposed the research topic.

Your dissertation proposal is the defining factor that can impress the supervisor and hence, determine whether you are accepted for the programme or not. For this reason, professional services of a dissertation writer should be acquired to perfect it on all counts.

Therefore, certain components should be considered to draft an impeccable dissertation proposal.

  • Title and topic

The title you give to your proposed research should be clear and concise, delivering a maximum understanding of your topic in a few words. This would show the person-in-charge of the programme that you understand and comprehend the topic of your research in its entirety.

  • Contribution towards filling a research gap

After considering the past research and literature on the dissertation topic, the candidate must try to contextualise his approach in light of what has already been said. The writer must be able to determine the research gap and the manner in which he/she plans to fill that void by bringing in their judgement. The more you focus on finding and filling a gap in the existing research, the more chances you get to display originality of thought, which in turn may noticeably display your critical thinking skills. The focus should always be to bring something fresh and innovative to the table. Similarly, the candidate should prove in his proposal why and how his PhD research would be supplemental to the research community while highlighting the importance of his contribution.

  • Devising a proper research question

In order to write an impactful dissertation proposal, it is crucial that your research question is clear and straightforward. In PhD, it is ideal to work with one central research question and two or three sub-questions that add substance and credibility to the rest of your work.

  • Research methodology

The next step should be to describe and justify the chosen research method, meticulously, be it quantitative or qualitative, so the person-in-charge can analyse how you plan to go about conducting your research in the given time frame. Indeed, it is a pivotal step in drafting a proposal that is often ignored.

  • References

In the end, complete your draft by listing all the works, referred to or cited, in your proposal. Make sure that they are authentic and relevant and formatted in the correct referencing style.

Before final submission, proofread and check your work for plagiarism and all such errors that may hinder your chances of being accepted to the programme.