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Fundamental Requirements for A Good College Essay

If, at some point, you consider applying for admission in a college, then as a very first step of the process you will be required to write a college essay. A college essay is a document which ‘tells your story’. It is one of the most basic and preliminary requirements in college applications, but writing a stellar college essay is not always an easy task.

To win over the person-in-charge and to show that you deserve to be admitted at the respective college, many key factors need to be considered and incorporated into your essay, to guarantee your acceptance. Most of all, the essay should be an accurate representation of your persona; the ‘voice’ of the essay must show your individuality.

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The Ingredients of a Good College Essay

Following are some basic requirements for writing a perfect essay. Let’s discuss them briefly.

  • The rudimentary essence and structure of an essay must adequately represent your views about yourself. Take time to brainstorm and note down pointers that you believe deserve precedence. While working on your draft, pay special attention to highlight your qualities and explicate how these attributes distinguish you from the rest of the applicants.
  • To further demonstrate your college-level writing skills, make certain that the body of your essay follows correct paragraphing and writing structure. Divide and develop your essay into three broad sections: introduction, main body and conclusion. Allocate all content to its related sections. Additionally, your college essay should explicitly display your ability to work with good college level diction. At the college level, students are expected to display a close semblance to a polished style and vocabulary.
  • The fundamental question that every college essay must retort is; how will the student contribute to the institution after selection? This is one of the central points that an admission officer would seek in your essay. The best way to answer is to elaborate on the qualities and skills that you believe align with the aim of the college you have applied for. Mention some ways in which you can contribute towards the betterment of the institution. Covering this section of your essay can make a huge difference in deciding your future career direction.
  • Avoid repetitive content and answer all the requested areas explicitly. Tie up all loose ends and don’t leave anything that you deem important, unanswered or unattended.
  • Before submission, make sure to proofread your draft several times. Rectify and eliminate all the possible errors that may have occurred in the grammar and sentence structuring. Lastly, it is better to stay mindful of the approaching deadline. Start your work weeks or days in advance so that you can submit a splendid college essay along with your application.