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5 Essential Elements Of An Essay

Essay writing is not really all that difficult after all. Sure, there are some standards that still need to be met, but, then again, you can after all, learn how to write in a style that is complacent with UK standards. All you need to do is practise writing lots of essays, as many as you possibly can, in your free time.

The Rudiments Of Great Essay Writing

Here are five things that you need to make sure factor in your essay adequately. This helps give the writing more depth and feeling and ensures that the reader, no matter who it is, has a great time going through your work.

  • Use of literary devices and imagery in your essay

Consider these two examples of how a female character is being described:

  • She was a tall, fair girl, beautiful and sweet, and she looked like she was just sixteen.
  • Looking at her made you think, of a rose, blood red, but pure, just unfurling its bedewed petals to the first light of the morning. The harsh summer sun had not yet touched this young flower, standing poised on the brink of womanhood.

What gives you a better feel of what the girl in question is like? Adjectives may all be excellent enough, and useful, in their own way, but it is the imagery, or using objects to help make a description or the setting of a scene clearer that makes for the more enjoyable reading.

  • Use sensory perceptions to engage your readers

Again, engaging the reader’s five senses helps to give the writing more clarity and essence, especially when talking about it from the point of view of the reader. Consider these two examples here:

  • As she ate grapes, she pondered on what to write next.
  • Even as she bit into the plump grape, their nectar filling her mouth, she remained pondering, unsure of what to write next.

The second sentence refers more completely to the taste of the grape and shows how sweet it was, but even so could not assist the mental processing of the writer. The more engaged a writer becomes with the writing, the better it reads as far as the teachers are concerned.

  • Make sure that the reason for writing the essay is clear at the start of it.

Depending on the length of an essay, as well as the subject matter that you are writing for, it should be clear just why you are writing the essay in question. Within the first 100 to 150 words, make your thesis statement quite clear.

  • Explain your images a little

Imagine talking about wine that is a deep, dark red in colour. The colour could be used as imagery for blood and evil or for the sweet nectar of some exotic fruit. In the latter case, this means that the imagery is meant to be taken in a pleasant way. Do not keep your audience guessing. Explain yourself as you go along.

  • Give your own insight a chance

If it is a college essay, let the reader look behind the words to what you are actually like. If it is an essay on something completely different, include your views on the subject matter.

Essay writing can, after all get tedious and time-consuming, so it is okay to get help. How about contacting British Essay Writing for help?